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Many Meals on Wheels recipients live alone and lack ready access to transportation and/or have physical or health challenges that limit mobility and independence. For some, interacting with a Meals on Wheels delivery driver may be their only face-to-face contact on a given day. Volunteers are trained to notify the Department of Senior Services if a recipient is unwell or in need of help. Nearly two-thirds of Meal on Wheels clients live alone, and a daily visit from a meal delivery organization can provide a sense of regularity for the recipient and vital peace of mind for family members and loved ones who cannot visit as often as they would like. Most importantly, Meals on Wheels represents a lifeline that helps older adults remain in their homes and delay or avoid a costly relocation to another residence with relatives or friends or an institution such as a nursing home or assisted living facility. Ultimately, by keeping older people living in familiar surroundings where they feel comfortable, Meals on Wheels saves the cost of elder care for individuals and families while reducing a burden on our health care system. This can help older adults maintain confidence, foster independence, nurture a sense of purpose and live with dignity. Approximately 16 percent of the population in Erie County is over the age of 65, more than the U.S.